UPDATE – good scoop from Jake, who had it all:

Original story below:


The Eagles schedule comes out later and one of Liberty Line’s guys says it looks like this:

The Brazil game was already confirmed. Anthony Gargano is reporting the Falcons/Birds MNF game and Jeff McLane reported Saints and Bucs in Week 3 and Week 4. Looks legitimate so far, but we’ll find out soon if the official release matches this:

  • Week 1: vs Packers 8:15 (Brazil)
  • Week 2: vs Falcons 8:15 (MNF)
  • Week 3: at Saints 1:00
  • Week 4: at Bucs 1:00
  • Week 5: BYE
  • Week 6: vs Browns 1:00
  • Week 7: at Giants (1:00)
  • Week 8: at Bengals 4:25
  • Week 9: vs Jaguars 8:20 (SNF)
  • Week 10: at Cowboys 4:25
  • Week 11: Commanders 8:15 (TNF)
  • Week 12: at Rams (SNF)
  • Week 13: at Ravens 4:25
  • Week 14: vs Panthers 1:00
  • Week 15: vs Steelers 4:25
  • Week 16: at Commanders 1:00
  • Week 17: vs Cowboys 4:25
  • Week 18: vs Giants (TBD)

If this indeed does end up being the Eagles schedule, then the biggest takeaway has to be the lack of travel on the back end. After Week 12, there’s what – four home games and two bus rides? The only road games are in Baltimore and Warshington. That’s ideal. The early BYE week kinda stinks, but there does not appear to be any sort of murderer’s row like they faced last season. The most difficult stretch looks to be Cowboys/Commanders/Rams/Ravens, with three of those four on the road. And while they get the Falcons at home in Week 2, they have to turn around and go right back on the road for NOLA and Tampa before the break. There will be a grand total of one game at Lincoln Financial Field until what appears to be mid-October. Kinda stinks for season ticket holders, but I bet HOWARD ESKIN won’t be reporting on that.

Anyway, if Jake is right, he gets all of the credit in the world. If not, we must boo this man. Boo!