This happened over the weekend outside the Braves game. A fracas between Alpha and Sigma Chi led to one of the funniest endings to a video I’ve ever seen:

But first we have to talk about the cop’s form tackle. This guy better not coach Pop Warner.

You have to wrap up here. Especially if you’re coming from the blindside. This cop probably outweighs this kid by 50 lbs at least. Isn’t this SEC country?

Lower the shoulders, hit the mid-section, wrap, and roll. You go high, he goes by.

I actually think it’s unfair that the cop got to use his taser after this. If you miss a tackle that badly, the law should be that you have to use the gifts god gave you to now apprehend your subject. No back up either. You’re now playing a game of manhunt all over Atlanta. It’s not like the guy with a collared shirt, boat shorts, and now one Sperry on is a danger to the community.

How bad was this cop’s PTSD triggered from his high school football coach? You know he couldn’t shake the voice in his head after he missed on the blindside. The embarrassment was too much to deal with so he pulled the taser and lit up Chad with a 1,000 volts to the back.

Atlanta needs a cop like this:

You think this guy thought once about using a taser? Absolutely not. He used his two gigantic biceps to apprehend some dumbass Knicks and Sixers fans who were throwing pillows at each other. This guy better have gotten a raise.

Is there anything we’re not better at than the Braves right now? Baseball, fans, and now tasers. This Phillies fan took his like a champ. Slid on the grass like he was on a Slip N Slide in his front yard:

The Braves fan looked like he was in the Smooth Criminal video:

One of the best things the Phillies ever did was ban their cops from using a taser on people who ran on the field because now it’s given us hilarious moments like these: