All the handsome in “The Bryceman Cometh” might rip open the space time continuum and swallow Earth whole because this is too much sex appeal for one commercial:

Shout out to Chase for letting the writers keep the line, “I’d probably go to Rollins for that anyways.” Self-deprecating, chiseled jaw, and a five tool player. This dude is a jack of all trades. He’s going to be a Hall of Famer before J-Roll – probably because it was a caveat in the contract he signed with MLB when he agreed to become an ambassador – and I’m okay with that. Chase probably replied, “Did Rollins also teach you how to run to first base?” but it was probably cut for time.

It’s rare to see a league, especially MLB, produce a really good commercial. I’m also surprised it wasn’t blacked out for people in Philadelphia to watch. But they knocked this one out of the park. It’s crazy to see the Utley letter scene from Always Sunny have this much shelf life still 14 years later.

One gripe. Red sharpie on a red hat? That’s a Charlie move:

Do you think Chase is cashing checks for appearance fees with all this content he’s filming or does this fall under the “other duties as assigned” bucket that corporate lawyers love to put in job descriptions so that the MLB can cheap out of paying him? Because this dude has been promoting the hell out of this. He’s been everywhere and in everything:


Big shout to our guy Donato! 🤝😂 #baseball #phillies #mlb

♬ original sound – Phillies

He’s also competing in a Home Run Derby with Daniel Murphy apparently:

Such a Mets move having Daniel Murphy as their face. We have World Series champion, 6x All-Star, and all-around electric personality Chase Utley cutting promos left and right for London and all the Mets could afford was Daniel Murphy. Did Matt Harvey refuse?