Tom Brady called Philly fans racist assholes during his roast:

That’s all the joke writers had? Racist assholes and greasey? They had so much to play with. We’re poor, fat, dumb, and have a drinking problem. A section of our city looks like the new Walking Dead season. Even the fact that Brady has as many rings as our four major teams do in 55+ years was in play. Racist assholes? Ughhhh no shit. Are they going to make a “Sheetz is better than Wawa” joke next?

Now this is how you roast someone:

Honestly the entire roast was awesome! Bill Belichick was great, Nikki Glazer knocked it out of the park, and even Drew Bledsoe was able to get some licks in 20 years later. Kim Kardashian got booed to oblivion. Dana White bombed for 60 seconds. Belichick getting caught on a Ring camera walking out of a house after a one night stand was confirmed. Everything was on the table. Except for massage jokes apparently:

How do you not have Nick Foles or Eli Manning at the roast though? Gotta know if Foles was even approached or not. Probably not after Foles’ name wasn’t even allowed in the Apple doc: