TOTALLY random story here, but are you familiar with the concept of a city, state, or municipality holding unclaimed money? You can go to Pennsylvania’s Treasury Department website and type your name into a search box and it will tell you if the government is holding any money you’re owed, but never received. Maybe you changed your address and someone sent you a refund check, but it never found you and became lost and forgotten. You’re then able to search for and claim the money.

A tipster sent us a note explaining that he was randomly inputting names into the search form, and I guess since LeSean McCoy was in the news because of the anti-Chip Kelly podcast with D Jax, he put Shady’s name into the queue.

Turns out, unless there’s some other “LeSean Kamel McCoy” that we don’t know about, he’s got a ton of unclaimed property being held by the state, including Eagles payroll:

It all checks out. Shady grew up in Harrisburg, played at P*tt, and then went into the NFL with the Eagles. I found a couple of stories confirming Shady as a past Marlton resident, and this particular house was listed for sale in October of 2015, a few months after he was traded to Buffalo. It was priced at about $1.5 million, so definitely athlete price range and South Jersey location. The Harrisburg addresses track appropriately as well.

So yeah, according to the Commonwealth, Shady is owed credit balances from the P*tt police, payroll wages from the Eagles, a tax rebate from Harrisburg, and refunds from the Southern Company, which is an energy provider. I have no clue what the Colorado Department of Revenue thing is, though you can see they list his name differently in that final row. Regardless, someone tell LeSean he’s got a bunch of money just sitting there in the state treasury, waiting to be claimed.

Also, I’m gonna need someone to explain how an NFL athlete has unclaimed payroll wages in the first place. Did he switch banks and not tell the Eagles? Did the Birds Venmo him? Was Shady a physical paycheck kind of guy? If you’re a lawyer email me and explain it. How does this happen? HOW DO YOU DO THAT!