(EDIT – I’m hearing there’s more to the story! We will “effort” that information but I’m still chalking this up as an optics L for the time being)

(EDIT #2 – After careful consideration, I’m going to tweak the headline slightly because Temple didn’t necessarily “lose” Jahlil White. You can read between the lines and take it from there) 

There’s been a lot of anti-Villanova sentiment on this website and our social media channels, and that’s because we have a Temple alumnus at the controls. But what does Kyle Pagan make of his basketball program losing transfers to LA SALLE? –


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Now let’s be clear – Jahlil White is not exactly prime Michael Beasley at Kansas State. Nice player? Absolutely. Third leading scorer for the Owls this past season, 10.1 PPG , good for 5-6 rebounds while either starting or being the first guy off the bench. He’s had injuries in his college career but we’re talking Big 5 Freshman of the Year not that long ago. Surely any coach would like to hang on to an experienced 6’7″ guy who can get you some baskets, hit the glass, and play some good defense.

If White, or any player, outgrew Temple to the point where they were ready for something bigger and better, then so be it. Transfer to the ACC like Hysier Miller. But Temple shouldn’t be losing decent players to La Salle. Not now, not ever. Am I wrong? Tell me I’m wrong.

I hate the optics of this. That’s why I ask the question in the headline – is it worse to lose your third-best scorer to La Salle, or your starting quarterback to Rice? To RICE! That’s the point. It’s not that kids are leaving Temple, it’s that they’re leaving for schools like La Salle and Rice. Lateral moves. Nobody is gonna think anything if Temple football players go to Rutgers or basketball players go to Dayton, but these aren’t exactly powerhouses we’re talking about year. Kurt Warner’s kid making the move he made is no bueno.

Same with this. I don’t like it one bit and I didn’t even go to Temple. I just want them to be relevant in something. They need some wins in the optics department. Good on Fran Dunphy, though. Nice addition.