Penn State agreed Tuesday to spend $700 million to renovate Beaver Stadium:

Anthony Lubrano and Barry Fenchak have to have the biggest set of balls in football-crazy Happy Valley to vote against this! What were the odds of this happening? -10,000? There was no shot the board of trustees wasn’t going to approve this.

Here’s what the upgrades will include via Greg Pickel at Blue & White Illustrated:

–15 percent more restrooms

–24 new elevators, 12 new escalators, and four-plus stair towers

–102 new point-of-sale stations, a 70 percent increase

–New suites, addition of loge seating boxes

–Addition of a broadcast level and added press box capacity

The supporting document also includes an image of what the front of a renovated Beaver Stadium could look like. It’s labeled as “an early draft for illustration purposes only.” The school’s presentation coined it as creating “a “front-door” experience through [a] new welcome center” at the stadium. It would be “a 21,000 square-foot facility for events and other uses.” 

Gotta give it to the administration. Fantastic move to include the press box in the list of major renovations:

Control the media and you control the narrative.

I haven’t been up to Penn State since the Rathskeller was still around so I don’t really remember how much the stadium was in need of an upgrade. All I know is the jokes are going to write themselves if PSU still can’t get over the hump and start competing in the Big 10 against OSU and Michigan. No one goes to Penn State to root for a 10-3 team and play in the Outback Bowl. Does James Franklin even make it to the end of the renovation in 2027? By that time he’ll be six years into his 10 year/$70 million contract extension and people will be arguing that he has two first round CFP wins against AAC schools like they argue for his Rose Bowl victory in 2022.

I’m going to make a crazy prediction about Penn State and I hope Temple fans don’t get mad at me. I think they win the national title next season. Drew Allar is going to be so good and Nick Singleton is the truth. Of course losing Manny Diaz is going to hurt, but those defenses are consistently great no matter who you plug in at DC. It’s going to sting as a Temple fan, but then I’ll remember it’s only a video game.