This week’s Men At Work (subscribe, like, share) visits Philadelphia’s best Happy Hour for the last 20 years. We head outside of Pagano’s to talk to the cube monkeys that fill the skyscrapers of Center City and see what they do for a living. The most exciting thing to happen at SIPS since  those dudes in pastels and Sperry’s threw down outside of Comcast! Enjoy the episode!

SIPS holds a special place in my heart ever since I was introduced to it as a impoverished peasant interning at some magazine company in Bala Cynwyd. It’s the only thing I miss about corporate America honestly. The Comcast Plaza was the best SIPS location of all time and I won’t listen to your argument why Uptown, Pagano’s, or Marathon on 19th and Market was better. Don’t listen to me, listen to Joel Embiid:

In this episode, we talk to an accountant who warns us about the next financial crisis, then we sit down with a Canadian rapper and Accountant in the Cannabis industry, a music producer jumps in and we learn about exchange zones from an app developer. Later a librarian tells us about a new system to replace Melvil Dewey’s and ranks his top-5 libraries in the world. We have a mutual connection with an Enterprise return agent and a couple of guys with a lot of jobs talk to us about Photoshop and Drake. An Excel Warrior lets us in on a little secret about his company and we learn all about the Colorado Water Basin with a stream ecologist. We finish the podcast talking to a newsletter ops analyst who tells us about selling data. Make sure to drop a thumbs up and subscribe. Comment where we should go next!

If you’re unfamiliar with my new pod, Men At Work, here’s the layman’s terms. We set up a table somewhere with mics and get random people to join and tell us what they do for a living. Then the conversation just goes from there. My co-host Matt Peoples and I thought this was a good idea for a podcast because society identifies so much with their job or what they want it to be. I’ve also found that there are a lot of interesting people in the Philly area and beyond with interesting jobs and interesting stories. In this episode the Blue Collar babies, the Middle Class Mami’s, and the White Collar Criminals all gathered around to have a conversation. What other podcast is going to show you that many walks of life in an hour? Check it out!