The Louisville Slugger Museum committed a grave injustice. If you’ve visited there before, you know there is a signature wall with everyone who has ever signed with Louisville Slugger. In one section you’ll see Phillies greats like Placido Polanco, Jim Thome, Pat Burrell, and Aaron Powand:

Aaron Powand?

Yes, Aaron Powand. The former Phillies centerfielder. H/T to the reader who sent over these photos:

I did a quick Google search to cover my bases and I didn’t find an Aaron Powand on Baseball Reference, on LinkedIn, or even the Yellow Pages. Someone at Louisville Slugger beefed because there is no Aaron Powand that ever existed. Of course there’s an Aaron Rowand and he swung Slugger during his time in the big leagues with that one-of-a-kind batting stance.

Aaron Rowand also broke his face during this spectacular catch in centerfield:

Aaron Powand didn’t do jack shit.

Aaron Rowand looked like this the day after:

via r/Phillies

Aaron Powand? Fresh as a daisy the next day. Probably woke up, kissed his wife, and went to his insurance job 30 minutes down the road.

Aaron Rowand hit .309, had made his only All Star appearance and won his only Gold Glove in 2007 for the Phils. Aaron Powand couldn’t even move the runner over in his company softball game and had two errors at short.

Who’d Louisville Slugger hire, the dyslexic guy who built Kobe Bryant’s statue?

But you know what, I hope Louisville Slugger doesn’t correct their mistake. I hope this becomes sports lore like the bunch of names that are misspelled on the Stanley Cup. Now it becomes a legendary part of the tour that every Phillies, White Sox, and Giants fan can go enjoy.