I love that Temple ruined the birthday of Coach K’s grandson:


Storytime: Duke f*** around and loses to Temple on Coach K’s grandson’s birthday. #dukebasketball #storytime #offguard #foryou #hoops

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“I asked you motherfuckers to do one thing for my grandson’s birthday. I asked you to win. And now for the rest of this kid’s life. Every time it’s his birthday he’s going to be reminded that you guys dropped the ball and lost to Temple. To fucking Temple.”

That “To fucking Temple” hurts btw. That was a good team! Khalif Wyatt, Ramon Moore, and Juan Fernandez finished 24-8 and won the Atlantic 10 regular season. Then they were upset in the conference tourney by UMass and upset in the first round by #12 South Florida, but we don’t have to talk about that. That team still set the table. Next year they reloaded and came back strong and took #1 seed Indiana and Victor Oladipo to the brink in the Round of 32. God I miss those days. Now the only newsworthy thing that happens at the Liacouras Center is a Trump rally. Make Temple Basketball Great Again.

I love Coach K thinking these guys were going to go out and win one for his grandson like he was the Gipper. Was his grandson sick? Nope. It’s just his 8th birthday. I hope that guy is still miserable today. Duke’s won two National Championships since then, but he still carries the pain from that time Temple beat up on Duke in the Wells Fargo Center back in 2012. The Big 5’s last victory against Coach K might I add: