The sky is falling right now. Bryce Harper came up limping after running to first last night. It looks like a hammy:

Imagine having to watch fireworks after a top-3 loss of the season while your MVP first baseman looks headed to the IL. Anything that could’ve gone wrong went wrong last night. Kyle Schwarber left the game early with an injury. Zack Wheeler cruised to the seventh and should’ve been out of the inning until the ump missed strike three which led to a flood of runs. Matt Strahm whose given up only three earned runs this season gave up two. Phils tied it up and Jeff Hoffman, whose been lights out, came in and gave up a couple more. This all coincides with Spencer Turnbull and Taijuan Walker making simultaneous trips to the IL for an expectedly long stint. FUN!

This couldn’t have come at a worse time as the Braves are breathing down your neck. Especially when you have a nine game set featuring the Cubs, Braves, and Dodgers that starts on Tuesday.

I couldn’t help but think as Jake Tapper was moderating the debate he had no idea that the Phillies season was hanging in the balance. Who cares about America’s fate being in the hands of two guys arguing about their handicaps? The best team in baseball just lost the best player in baseball and poor Jake Tapper had no idea because he was in charge of running the worst nursing home in the country. I couldn’t imagine how exhausted he was after getting off stage. All he probably wanted to do was look at Twitter to see the public perception of his moderating and read encouraging messages from family and friends. Instead his group chat with all his buddies back home wasn’t blowing up with memes of his performance. It was a bunch of guys with no medical degrees sending hammy timetables back and forth from some random articles they found on the Internet. That’s just life of a Philly sports fan.

Bryce will get some imaging on the leg today, but he said it’s a pain he’s never felt before:

What’s up with this team and their tight ass hammys? Trea Turner, Brandon Marsh, and now Harper. Someone get these guys a foam roller and a Theragun.