Bryson Stott mic’d up on Sunday Night Baseball:

“That’s his nickname. I don’t stop. If you hear ‘Raffe,’ that’s Bohm… he looks like a giraffe.” 

Could use some clarification here, because Stott pronounces this two different ways. First he says it like ‘Raffi,’ the guy who does the children’s songs. Raffi had some bangers back in the day, like Baby Beluga and Bananaphone. Then Stott says it the second time like ‘Raff,’ which makes more sense, doesn’t it? If you’re saying the word “Giraffe,” the second syllable sounds like “Raff.”

Regardless, the vibes are sky high right now. Could not be higher outside of half the fan base ready to be done with Taijuan Walker, who pitched five innings on Sunday night and gave up four earned runs on five hits while striking out five. The Phils have baseball’s best record, but the back end of the rotation is a legitimate talking point, though you could say that for most teams in Major League Baseball.