Listen I should be the last one to criticize trolls on the Internet. I went to a Nuggets game with a Joel Embiid for MVP sign around my neck and dressed up like Paul Revere in Boston during the playoffs last year. But I absolutely HATE this kid who trolled Charles Barkley:

A little bit of research tells me this kid is a YouTube prankster who goes around to other stadiums and trolls home team fans while wearing opponents jerseys. He’s a part of a long line of YouTube pranksters with unoriginal ideas. The bottom of the barrel content that I can’t believe still does numbers. I feel like when YouTube first started these guys were amazing. Then I grew up, learned to wipe my own ass, and decided there’s a lot better stuff on the Internet to dedicate 10 minutes too. But don’t hate the player, hate the game. Sports radio in this town still crushes and they’re almost 100 hours in on dissecting a Jalen Hurts quote during OTAs.

Still this is a Sixers legend, sports media legend, and Subway spokesperson. Have some respect. That’s the last guy who should be getting trolled for zero rings. You try to win one during his career. He entered in the middle of the Celtics and Lakers dynasty, hit his prime when the Bulls dynasty was dominating, and left when the Lakers dynasty was getting started. With a couple back-to-back titles for the Pistons and Rockets sandwiched in-between. Guy played 16 years and only seven teams won a title during his career. That’s nuts.

So if Charles Barkley hauled off and punched this kid in the face I think the cops should’ve actually looked the other way. Actually this was in Minnessota and I don’t even think they have police so he probably would’ve gotten away with it. Camera? What Camera? No judge is going to prosecute Charles Barkley. They’ve tried that his entire life. He’s un-prosecutable. We’re talking about a guy who threw someone out of a bar window and told the judge the only thing he regretted was that they weren’t on a higher floor. What’d he get? Community service and a fine. He beat up a dude on the streets of Milwaukee and poured a beer on some guy’s head trying to get an autograph because he was rude. This kid got lucky. Chuck might be the last guy I’d want to fuck with:

If I’m ever President I’m rounding up all the YouTube pranksters and throwing them in a gulag. That’s a promise.