This is good behind-the-scenes video from the Washington Communists’ draft. At the 1:44 mark, GM Adam Peters calls Howie Roseman a “pain in the ass” –

This was the Cooper DeJean trade up. The Eagles flipped their 2nd rounders for a higher 2nd rounder and then got back 78 and 152 in return, while parting with 161. They ended up trading 78 but used 152 to draft Ainias Smith. Washington kept both 50 and 53 and drafted Michigan CB Mike Sainristil and Kansas State TE Ben Sinnott.

These videos are great though. Could watch them all day long. Howie seems like he’s always pushing and poking and prodding to extract every last bit of value out of a deal. When people see his name come up on caller ID their eyes probably roll out the back of their head. “This motherfucker again,” they’re thinking. But you don’t become one of the best GMs in football by settling for less. You have to be a shark. You need to be a dawg in the war room. You need to be cut throat and take no prisoners.