It is a very very no good bad move by Craig Kimbrel to ask Phillies fans to get louder. Especially when they’ve already overrun Baltimore like cicadas this weekend. But that’s what he was looking for when he mowed down the Phils in the 9th Friday night:

Of course he looked un-hittable. It’s the first half of the year. Right now that right wing is fresh as a daisy. Wait until the old bull wears down again.

Hold on we have visual evidence:

I can’t remember having to watch a more frustrating closer than Kimbrel. The constant 20+ pitch outings mixed in with the pitch clock violations on top of the blown saves would make the most pious Phillies fan damn him to hell. It’s coming for Orioles fans. These 2023 splits don’t lie:

via Baseball Reference

Typically before the Midsummer Classic is the honeymoon period with Kimbrel. Not this year. So far he’s got three blown saves under his belt. He had five all of last year. He blew his first opportunity of the season and was relegated to set-up man duty for a little. There were also reports the O’s would look for a closer at the deadline. Though since that report he’s been solid. Over his last 10 appearances he’s notched eight saves, allowed one run, and has a 0.00 ERA. Orioles fans made it through the rough waters of Hurricane Kimbrel early. Right now they’re smooth sailing, but there’s a storm brewing on the horizon. Batten the hatches!


He better hope his number isn’t called today because they’re loading up at Pickles right now ready to unleash a wave of boos that will break the sound barrier: