Doesn’t matter if you wore or wear the red pinstripes. The Phillies can’t stop winning. Fresh off of beating the Mets in London Jayson Werth’s horse across the pond, the largest underdog ever to win, took the Belmont Stakes:

Look at this madman!

“Get on the fucking rail! Get on the rail!”

What an amazing moment that has to be for Werth. So much time, dedication, and money goes into horse racing and you rarely get any payout. All of that just came out of him at that moment. It’s gotta be an unbelievable moment to see all of your sacrifices come true in a two minute race. Kind of like winning a World Series, which Werth even compared the feeling to multiple times:

Name a city whose doing more winning than we are right now. Name a city that has won more over the last two months. The Phillies have the best record in baseball, Jayson Werth is an elite horse owner, and Oxford Economics (ever heard of it?) just ranked us the #33rd best city in the world. We can’t stop winning! And we’re going to continue to win so much you may even get tired of winning!

P.S. This guy has to be so excited that he met a Triple Crown race winner: