Always good to catch up with Eagles legend Vince Young. Who could ever forget that 4th quarter drive on Sunday Night Football against the Giants to make them 4-6? Listen in:

Welp. Manyunk Vince Young looked more like Vince Young than that guy. Shout out to him for being a good sport about the whole thing. He even pivoted and dropped a great line about why golf is great.

That poor announcer had to be set up by someone in the production truck:

“Hey there’s a jacked black dude over there decked out in light blue Citadel gear teeing off. I think it’s Vince Young. He’s playing this weekend right? Ahh, fuck it. No one’s watching the first round of the BMW ProAm anyway just go interview him.”

This dude is Citadel assistant football coach Everette Sands apparently. Sands explained more here:

Haven’t seen an athlete get mistaken this badly since Paolo Banchero: