I love this from Haason Reddick. Life is short. You have the rest of your life to work. Enjoy it before it’s too late. The Jets are in minicamp working out and installing the playbook? Who cares? Japan isn’t going to be there forever:

Love the pettiness from The Lost Samurai. Howie must be laughing inside NovaCare. They already got the third rounder. Who cares if it conveys to a second or not? He’ll just flip it for more assets anyway.

It doesn’t look like this Reddick situation is getting resolved anytime soon. There’s been reporting about Reddick’s current contract and what both sides agreed to during the offseason.

Connor Hughes at SNY: 

What’s surprising about the Jets-Reddick situation is the team felt they and the player were on the same page at the time of the trade. The Jets made things clear to Reddick: They would not rip up his contract before the season. They directly communicated that while adjustments could be discussed (adding incentives based on performances to his current deal), there would not be an extension. Reddick would play out the deal, and if his sack production continued, he’d receive the salary he coveted as a free agent (either with the Jets or another team) after 2024. The two sides would reassess after the season if Reddick wanted to continue to play for the Jets.

Reddick was on board. He had a tremendous visit with the team, sources told SNY, when he showed up to take his physical and finalize the trade from Philadelphia. Additional sources informed SNY that Reddick told members of the team he would be in attendance for the offseason program (including organized team activities) and minicamp on his current contract.

Then, something changed.

Then this:

I have to stand with my fellow Owl. Owls fly together. In my opinion the Jets negotiated in bad faith and now they’re going to pay the price. Although Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer predicts they’ll work something out but it’ll be incentive laden:

Paul, I’d guess they’ll put together an incentive package as a Band-Aid, and tie that to sacks and playing time. If Hunter’s contract is the bar for an extension, with Reddick turning 30 in September, I can’t imagine it’d be anything more than that.

Danielle Hunter is being payed $24.5 mil this year. If we’re being honest, Haason deserves more than the seventh highest edge rusher in the game. In no world is Haason Reddick outside of the top-5 edge rushers right now. This is a dude who’s been counted out every place he’s played and has met contract after contract. In Arizona they played him out of position, so he signed with Matt Rhule and Carolina. Carolina didn’t think he could sustain his production so the Birds gobbled him up on the cheap at $45 million over three years. Since then he’s had 27 sacks and 50.5 in the last four years. That puts him in the top-4 in sacks over that period. More than Nick Bosa, Micah Parsons, Maxx Crosby, Chris Jones, Khalil Mack, and Aaron Donald. If he wasn’t dropping back in coverage by the end of last year who knows where he’d be on that list.