This might end up being another Howie Roseman fleecing. Haason Reddick is holding out of mandatory minicamp after he was just fined $250k for missing OTAs:

The Jets are Jets’ing earlier than originally scheduled. They let Bryce Huff head down the turnpike, traded for his replacement from the Eagles, and now he might not even show up. Why didn’t they negotiate a contract before trading for him?

It’s not like it was a secret Reddick wanted a new deal. Things might be going a little sideways:


FWIW Birds fans do need Reddick to play if that conditional 3rd rounder is going to become a 2nd round pick in 2026. The details of that comes via the Jets website:

Jets GM Joe Douglas sent a conditional 2026 third-round pick that becomes a second-round pick if Reddick plays 67.5% of the snaps this season and has at least 10 sacks.

Though the parameters might not hit regardless since the most snaps on the D-line played last year was by Quinnen Williams at 68.5. The next closest was defensive end John Franklin-Myers who played 55%. Howie will probably just flip the pick for a stud anyway. Ho hum.

Saleh mentioned he talked to Haason over the weekend and there doesn’t seem like there’s any animosity between either side…yet:

We did also get a little insight that their franchise QB is missing minicamp for an “important event”:

Like everything Aaron Rodgers does I’m sure the details of this important event will make headlines. Lets set the market at the Crossing Broad Sportsbook. Get your bets in now:

Darkness Retreat +150
Ayahuasca Retreat 2/1
Independently investigating the JFK Assassination 2/1
Alpha Retreat 3/1
RFK Donor Event 4/1
Expedition to the lost city of Tartaria 7/1
Pat McAfee Show Tuesday spot 10/1