Dave Portnoy bet $200k on the Phils to win it all on Tuesday:

Since then the Phillies are 1-2, two starting pitchers have gone on the IL, and Bryce Harper’s hamstring has as much life in it as the President on that debate stage last night. Everything was smooth sailing until Portnoy dropped a full college tuition on the Phightins to win it all.

Don’t get me wrong he was on a heater. He won half a mil on the Chiefs, then won $2.1 combined on UCONN and Scottie Scheffler’s Masters victory. The Celtics then followed it up with a $1.6 million win for him. But the streak came to a halt when the Oilers lost in the Stanley Cup Finals. Now he’s more frozen than the Panthers ice.

Gambling is a what have you done for me lately kind of game. You can regale about the tales of Celtics this and Chiefs that all you want when you’re the hottest guy at the party. But the past is the past. The future is now old man and now I think we have nothing but a mush in our stable. Two weeks ago I would’ve killed for his money to back our guys. Now I don’t want his money touching our money. Why? Because he’s a fucking jinx. Put him in the bathroom!