Anthony did the The Phantastic Sports Show on Thursday night, and Jamie Apody co-hosted alongside Jason Martinez:

The background here is that Breland Moore typically hosts the show, but she fractured her ankle at the NRG flag football game on Wednesday. A lower body injury. Brutal. Worst charity game injury I can recall since NBC’s news director tore his Achilles at Talen Energy Stadium back in 2016. I think it was during a basic passing drill, too. We hadn’t even started playing the actual game before someone went down.

Apody has previously appeared on the The Phantastic Sports Show, but as a guest, which was her first television segment since leaving Action News under MYSTERIOUS circumstances this year. After nearly six months off the air, she popped up in April to inform everyone that the split was finally officially, and both parties sent out some canned crapola statements that didn’t actually explain what happened. We did our best to chronicle the exit in a five-part series that every middle-aged white woman in the Delaware Valley clicked on. Thank you for your patronage.

We don’t have anything new to report on the Apody front, and more or less moved on from the story, but what’s interesting to me is the difference between doing this Fox show as a guest, vs. a co-host. What’s the legal distinction there? I was never able to confirm if she’s subject to a non-compete clause, though it’s fascinating to see her appear several times now for an Action News competitor over the past month or so. This almost never happens when high-profile talent exits a television job, and while the FTC did rule against non-competes earlier this year, that new guideline has yet to go into effect. I wonder if the last 6 months of silence also served as a de facto non-compete, but it doesn’t usually work that way.

My gut is telling me that Disney lawyers are paying close attention. One thing I learned about Disney and ABC during this entire process is that they will smother anybody or anything with lawyers. They will litigate until your arms fall off. It’s especially plausible considering how difficult it was to extract anything out of anybody. They didn’t respond to anything I sent them. Couldn’t even get a “no comment.” I’ve learned that once you’re out at Action News, you’re really out, and it quickly goes from this family-friendly kum bay yah type of thing to a comprehensive squelching. There’s definitely more to this story and more to Action News as an organization. The truth is still out there, if someone wants to pick up the story for me. I did my best.