Wednesday afternoon, NRG had their annual Philadelphia media charity game. With Kinker on the PUP list, he tagged me in and I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I might be the most dominant nose tackle flag football has ever seen. Like a wacky inflatable arm man you see outside car dealerships with the wingspan of a prehistoric pterodactyl:

There’s a fine line between being a hardass and remembering it’s a charity event during these, and I feel like I crossed the hardo line five minutes into Game #1. It was super-competitive though and we made it all the way to the championship game for the first time in I think Crossing Broad’s history so it worked out.

Most importantly, I impressed a Philadelphia Eagles with my athletic prowess. Don’t believe me? Just ask my now good friend Jason Avant:

Teenage Kyle would be so pumped right now.

Shout out to NRG and the Eagles for putting on an awesome event where we raised $36,000 for charity. Next year Kinker will be back and I’ll be back on the line wreaking havoc ready to take the trophy. I guarantee I’m going to be the first nose tackle in the history of football to win an MVP award.

P.S. Jason Avant might still be able to suit up if the Eagles are trying to find that #3 wide receiver.