This week’s Men at Work (subscribe, like, share) visits Lemon Hill in Fairmount Park outside the Parks on Tap rotating beer garden and we can’t quit the Hawk Tuah girl. The rise of Hawk Tuah has been unfathomable. It’s an interview clip people who dabble in Man on the Street pray to the Man on the Street gods for. The perfect specimen, the authentic nature of hawk tuah’ing, the virality. It’s all there. It’s the Holy Trinity of a clip. The Internet has taken it and run with it. It’s everywhere. I think it’s bigger than the Kevin James meme. Everything that’s happened in the last week – politics, sports, entertainment – have all been in the Hawk Tuah girls shadow. What a terrible PR move if you’re a famous person who died last week because no one noticed. If she don’t Hawk Tuah, I don’t talk tuah! Enjoy the episode!

In this episode, we talked to a door to door salesman who tells us about his day to day, how he pees in a pinch, and teaches us about 1913 – the most consequential year in American history. We then talk to a PhD student who studies cancer genetics. We find out how much red meat we can eat and if we’ll ever find the cure for cancer. A pediatric speech therapist joins and teaches us the tricks of the trade, learns about the sexiness of the Philly accent, and a TikTok trend centered around autism. Finally we finish with Kyle’s run-in with a Little League parent, Matt defends Drake, and we’re spurned by potential guests.

If you’re unfamiliar with my new pod, Men At Work, here’s the layman’s terms. We set up a table somewhere with mics and get random people to join and tell us what they do for a living. Then the conversation just goes from there. My co-host Matt Peoples and I thought this was a good idea for a podcast because society identifies so much with their job or what they want it to be. I’ve also found that there are a lot of interesting people in the Philly area and beyond with interesting jobs and interesting stories. In this episode we met The Blue collar babies, the middle class Mami’s, and the white collar criminals all gathered around to have a conversation. What other podcast is going to show you that many walks of life in under an hour? Check it out!