You knew after years of speculation one day he was going to put a Phillies uniform on before he called it a career. That day has finally happened. Millville’s own is finally a Philadelphia Phillie:

What? Did you think I was talking about someone else?

What’s in the water over in Millville? They’ve got two MLB players out of a town you drive through when you don’t want to wait in the Garden State Parkway traffic heading down the shore. I guess since there’s nothing to do but play baseball and hunt you end up producing dudes that can rake. Imagine this guy has a big playoff moment for the Phillies before Mike Trout does. The jokes would write themselves. It would probably propel this kid to superstardom in his town. “Trout who?” they’d be saying while Buddy is riding in a float down Broad Street. If he lasts come October there’s a strong chance he’ll have more playoff wins in his career than Trout after one series.

His grandfather is also Don Money who played for the Phillies from 1968-1972 and today is actually his 77th birthday.