Kevin’s gone for the week so I get to throw up all the pickleball content my heart desires! Jake Elliott was down in Sea Isle for Connor Barwin’s charity pickleball tournament over the weekend putting on a show:

This dude is unfair. Amazing kicker, sharp pickleball player, and scratch golfer. This guy might be the most athletic kicker of all time.

And he is an athlete. Don’t let Kinker’s sourness towards pickleball distract you that it takes hand-eye coordination, speed, finesse, and power to be good at pickleball. The same skillsets it takes for you to be elite at any sport. I never understood why he’s so against young people playing pickleball. Sure it’s for old people, but so is golf. His argument is play sports like basketball, flag football, and softball before you get into pickleball because you have time to pick up a paddle later in life. Why can’t I play all of those and pickleball? I refuse to take orders from the guy whose been on the PUP because he got injured in pick-up basketball. I mean does this look like a guy whose lost a step because he picks up a paddle on the weekends?

Elliott and former Eagles DT Beau Allen took home the championship belts:

How long until Nick Foles and Jake Elliott become the first Super Bowl Champion doubles pair to win pickleball gold?