Birds news:

 “After a thorough review of the Philadelphia Eagles signing of Saquon Barkley, the NFL today informed the club that the investigation did not discover sufficient evidence to support a finding that the Anti-Tampering Policy was violated. In coming to this conclusion, the league reviewed phone logs, text messages and other documents related to Philadelphia’s free agency strategy and decision to sign Barkley. The NFL also interviewed several members of the organization, including Howie Roseman and Nick Sirianni, as well as Barkley and Penn State head coach James Franklin.  As with every review, should new evidence be uncovered, the league may reopen the investigation.”

If you don’t remember this one, dumbo James Franklin was asked about Saquon at a press conference back in March, and he said that Howie Roseman talked to Barkley on the phone, which is a violation of NFL tampering rules. You’re only allowed to have contact with agents during a particular time frame. As a result, the league opened an investigation, and pathetic Giants fans pushed this stupid witch hunt that amounted to nothing. No punishment, no loss of draft picks, no nothing. The Eagles run a clean and honorable program. Case CLOSED.