Jason Kelce shocked a fan wearing his jersey when he surprised him before the Taylor Swift concert in London:

The shock on the kid’s face is amazing. What a legend.

Here’s some backstory from a Kelce Brother’s account on Twitter:

Meet Aiden! He is a fan of Jason Kelce’s from London. On night 2 of the Eras tour at Wembley, he and his Dad, Baz, went to soak up the atmosphere outside the stadium while his mom & sister had tickets inside.

Imagine their surprise when Jason Kelce himself spotted Aiden’s shirt and snuck up behind them!!! He said “nice shirt” while handing Aiden a guitar pick and then posing for a photo. And Kylie was filming the whole thing! The look on their faces is priceless!!! 😂


Jason Kelce put a beat down on the Taylor Swift concert. More people might’ve been recording him than were recording Taylor: