It looks like Joel Embiid wants to make his free agency plans known publicly now that the Sixers finally have cap space. Tim Bontemps was on Brian Windhorst’s Hoop Collective podcast where he told the story that he ran into Joel Embiid and Josh Harris before Game 4 of the NBA Finals on the way to the bathroom. He told Jo that Paul George was doing NBA Countdown. Right there Joel Embiid decided he would do NBA Countdown. And this is what we got:

“…add some pieces…”

This was some max deal level side-eye he gave Paul George:

I still don’t think the Sixers’ big plans are to max out 35 year old Paul George. Especially a year after Daryl refused to give 34 year old James Harden one. Especially when the Celtics and Mavs are showing that you can make the NBA Finals with two stars and a bunch of role players. Now obviously you need your second star to remain healthy the entire season and it’d be nice to have someone to take the scoring load off of him in the 4th. But that guy isn’t 41% from the field Playoff P:


PG13 with the Waldo costume. 😂🎃 #nba #basketball #clippers #paulgeorge #hoops

♬ original sound – House of Highlights

I love Joel Embiid publicly recruiting players this close to the Olympics. He’s just warming up. Jo’s been criticized in the past for not being able to lure free agents here, but this is also the first time since he was 25 that he’s had significant cap space. The only positive Joel’s participation in the Olympics can bring is that he builds a relationship with a star player and convinces them to chase a ring with him in Philadelphia. I don’t care about a Gold medal for Joel’s legacy. I want him to win the Gold medal in tampering this summer. He better spend his entire time in France brokering friendships over beers.  Have a beautiful man-date with Anthony Edwards under the Eiffel Tower. Convince LeBron he can live in New York and commute to Philly while they take a romantic boat ride on the poop-filled Seine. Split a baguette with Tyrese Haliburton or Devin Booker. Just let them know Joel has a shoulder they can cry on if anything ever goes sideways.

“This is the closest Joel Embiid will get to the Finals!”

There, I beat you to it.