Some Madden 25 tidbits came out Friday and Sixers PBP broadcaster Kate Scott is going to be in the game:

Football? Kate Scott? Yeah, she’s been doing college football games for a while now. She called college football long before taking the Sixers job. She also calls preseason Seattle Seahawks games.

Looks like the three commentary teams in the game will be Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis, Mike Tirico and Greg Olsen, and Kate Scott and Brock Huard. That’s from

Play-by-play never sounded so good. Two new teams join the booth to accompany Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis for the first time in eight years. Mike Tirico and former NFL TE Greg Olsen are paired up, along with Kate Scott and former NFL QB Brock Huard. These new teams are here to refresh your Madden NFL experience and bring it to life with over 42,000 fresh recordings at launch, with multiple in-season updates to keep it fresh. (New commentary on PS5®, XBOX Series X|S, and PC only)