Logged on this morning, begrudgingly, and saw this on the timeline:

That’s the former Eagles’ President. Last time Joe Banner made an appearance on Crossing Broad, he was arguing with a beat writer about Islamophobia and antisemitism, two topics you probably discussed at the dinner table last night.

Going back through the timeline, he seems to think DeVonta Smith took a bad deal:

Maybe the God tweet is a follow up to the “team friendly” deal criticism, but not totally sure. Maybe Banner also rolls his eyes at the religious stuff. He could be one of those people who cringes when an athlete wins a game and then thanks God afterward. “Oh yeah? I guess God didn’t want the other team to win!” We all know that type of person.

The only thing we know for certain is that God would have loved for Joe Banner to give Brian Dawkins a new deal back in 2008. Heyo! 

Isn’t it kind of funny to hear Banner talk about players deserving more money, but not getting it?

Anyway, mandatory minicamp begins today. Nick Sirianni and players at the podium around 12:30.