The Phils beat the Padres on 9-2 Monday night on the strength of a couple of Schwarbombs:

That’s an incredible stat, not just the first part of it, but the second part more specifically. Only once in history did someone reach 60 HR in a single month in fewer games.

And Schwarber didn’t even get off to some amazing start this month. Somewhat premature, actually, more like “late May” Schwarber. He only had five hits in seven games through the London series, zero home runs total, then hit two dingers in Game 1 of the Boston series, another in Baltimore, and two on Monday night. Over the last seven, he’s got 11 hits, 5 homers, and 11 RBI. His slash line for the month is .291/.400/.600, good for a 1.000 OPS.

The Phillies are 48-24 and eight games ahead of the Braves with the best record in the NL. Trea Turner had two hits in his first game back from injury. J.T. Realmuto will return. Johan Rojas will get some needed time in Triple-A. It’s all good.