Finally sports podcasters are getting the respect they deserve in NBA circles. After years of covering the mic with spittle and filling time in July with conversations centered around MJ vs. LeBron, it’s our time. Gone is the stigma around sports podcasters not knowing ball and being un-athletic weirdos in our mom’s basements. It’s like when sports bloggers started selling their sites in the late-2010s and finally getting some sunlight for the first time in a decade. The next iteration is the podcaster and JJ Redick just inked a four-year deal to coach the most popular team in the NBA:

Hiring a podcaster can’t be worse than hiring Doc Rivers right?

Always remember this –

Life isn’t about what you know. It’s about who you know. And JJ Redick knows LeBron James, which is a pretty big deal:

Can JJ handle the weight of the sports podcasting world on his back? If he succeeds, we all succeed. Next Bill Simmons and Ryen Russillo might get a front office role. Than maybe Zach Lowe or the guys over at No Dunks start getting their feet in the door. Right now the next great NBA coach is getting off the school bus about to film a new episode of his basketball podcast to 17 subscribers. It’s a grindset, not a mindset. The Carolina Hurricanes just hired a former Flyers blogger for their GM role. One day you or I could run the Sixers. Keep that head on a swivel there Daryl.

And listen, if he gets fired he just slides right back into podcasting and he gets more content out of it. He’ll just go right back on First Take and start cooking Stephen A. and Mad Dog again:

JJ can’t lose. We can’t lose!