The baseball season is a slog. I personally think 162 games is too many, but if they were all like last night’s sign me up for 162 more. Everything about that game had the makings of a playoff atmosphere. If you weren’t tense the entire time watching wherever you were than you’re a masochist. I couldn’t breath the entire bottom half of the 10th. We had drama late on the field AND in the stands:

That was only Game 1. Imagine six more for all the marbles!

I love that lady getting her pound of flesh before they removed her. Get your money’s worth, hon! I know you’re the one being unfairly (maybe) ejected. I’m sure there were some white trash O’s fans from Hagerstown and Frederick up there giving it to you the entire time. For some reason Phillies fans absolutely love launching cell phones. It’s like a kink:

This guy obviously had no idea what Phils fans were capable of:

Gotta admit this was great ball security from the guy in the Mountcastle jersey:

That woman smacked that thing pretty good. He recognized the hit was coming, absorbed impact, and kept his feet moving. True pro.

If you don’t want this to be the World Series matchup you gotta get your brain checked. Who wants to watch the Yankees or Dodgers in the World Series again? Give me two major cities on the East Coast with two historic ballparks. I don’t feel like playing in that bandbox in Bronx. Lets have the World Series in two actual good cities that you can enjoy and won’t have to pay a billion dollars to get in and won’t have 10 billion people on top of you at all times. Two historic franchises that haven’t won much battling it out for the World Series title like they did in 1983. Delco vs. Natty Boh. Mix in the closer who ruined the Phillies chances last year. The storylines write themselves.

What a showing from Phillies fans. From the first at bat it sounded like a home game:

To the hour long rain delay and the park still being full of red and white:

It’s sometimes forced and worn out, but Phillies fans are proving why they’re one of the best in baseball this season. Could you imagine being a top-5 team and only having two sellouts this year like the Orioles do? Me neither.

It was a perfect baseball game. Both sides making great plays, back and forth, great pitching, and viral moments like this lady getting hit in the face with a home run ball mid-bite :

This dude’s buttons had no chance:

Today will be even crazier. You think yesterday was loud imagine what it’s going to be like after Phillies fans get fucked up in Pickles all day: