I was checking out some tweets about the Eagles/Packers Brazil game pre-sale, and it sounds like the demand was incredibly high:

That first tweet roughly translates to “pre-sale tickets were extremely out of standard, both in price and access and had terrible communication. They sold out in 3 hours.”

There’s a thread on Eagles Reddit as well, with a couple of additional comments:

  • The wait is INSANE. My whole family in Brazil is on the computer waiting for the chance to buy and has been for hours. We got one pair so far, hoping for 4 pairs. And this is just the PRESALE.
  • My friend is on queue since 9h40 (local time) and the fucking queue bar isn’t even at 1/3. wtf.. now I’m not so sure I’m gonna get a ticket. RIP
  • The first pair we bought was 1300 reais, so let’s call it 275 bucks each. We planned on buying section 13 but it was all sold out in the 1st hour. Our inside source told us 14,000 tickets were allocated to the 3 day presale and 6,500 were sold in the first hour.

Sao Paulo is a massive city of 12 million people, and Brazil is a massive country of 215 million. The Neo Quimica Arena holds 49,000, so there’s a lot of demand and very little supply.

The official NFL Brasil account notes that Monday to Wednesday is a pre-sale exclusively for people with an XP Card (a Brazilian debit card of sorts, and the game’s presenting sponsor), and then there’s a general public sale that starts Thursday morning at 10 a.m. My Portuguese is ass, but thanks to Google translate it seems as though we have a lot in common with our Brazilian brothers and sisters. They hate Ticketmaster and think the tickets are too expensive, but they’re gobbling them up anyway.

Vão águias!