They said he’d never come over. It looks like they were all wrong. Matvei Michkov is expected to terminate his contract with SKA and play for the Philadelphia Flyers next season:

Michkov has also apparently signed with an agent at CAA according to Max Miller at

Remember when Chuck Fletcher said it was hard to make trades? Danny fucking Briere got a guy out of Russia. If the Flyers have any behind the scenes footage I want all of it. Like a 24/7 leading up to the Winter Classic, but it’s Danny B. negotiating with Russian oligarchs and Keith Jones ripping farts to ease the tension. This is going to be amazing:

People might forget it was Connor Bedard/Michkov #1 and #2 before his unknown situation. It’s amazing that the Canadiens selected David Reinbacher over Michkov because of that same unknown. Now Michkov looks like he’ll play in the league before Reinbacher. Danny B masterclass.

Does Johnny Airports start camping out in baggage claim today?

P.S. The Flyers love doing major shit on June 23rd: