Poor Zachary Rotman over at Fansided is sad that Phillies fans are ruining the voting experience for the All-Star Game:

I get it. Phillies fans want to see their own players get rewarded with All-Star Game appearances, but c’mon. What exactly are we doing here?

The 51-26 Phillies absolutely deserve to have multiple All-Stars. Guys like Bryce Harper and Alec Bohm who are leading their positions (and the National League as a whole) in votes absolutely deserve to be All-Stars, but that doesn’t mean every single player on this team deserves to be on the team. If voting were to end today, six of the nine starters for the Phillies would advance to Phase 2 of the All-Star voting, and the only three who wouldn’t are on the cusp of getting in.

WAHHHHHHHH! WAHHHHHHHHHHH! Johan Rojas is going to make it to the second phase of voting as a minor leaguer! Trea Turner has only played 39 games! The BCIB won’t even be able to play in the All-Star game!  WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Oh I’m sorry are Phillies fans not supposed to vote for their guys? Do we have some special voting system in Philadelphia that they’re not able to access in Queens? Maybe they can’t vote because their phones are all out in left field:


Where was this bitching when the Kansas City Royals stuffed the ballot box in 2015.

All-Star voting has always been about home cooking since they used to give us those punch cards at games. I was in the 700 Level punching out votes for Doug Glanville, Bobby Abreu, and Travis Lee and stuffing ballot boxes on my way out of The Vet. Because that was my constitutional right. I’m going to fight like hell to get Desi Relaford in the Midsummer Classic. The All-Star game is already Communist and now this Mets fan wants to turn it into a dictatorship. This is not a moment in Philly. It’s a movement. When the MLB leaves it up to the fans to vote the best fans in baseball are going to vote and vote hard.

I mean the Mets copy everything we do so why don’t they follow our lead here:

And this isn’t just a Phillies thing. Fernando Tatis was injured and he was top-5 in voting a couple years ago. NHL fans voted in enforcer John Scott (which was amazing). If you’re going to leave it up to the people to vote the people are going to make their voices heard. I feel like someone different complains about it every year. Lets ruin this Mets blogger’s July by voting here. I want an entire lineup of Phillies just to watch everyone throw a fit.

If you’re in line stay in line!