The torch can finally be passed. For the first time since 2011 we had a baseball fan get tasered on the field! Tuesday night in Cincy a Reds fan landed a backflip then got hit with 50,000 volts to the spine:

That was amazing! 10/10! From the choreographed flip to the face full of grass, this is an all-time video.

What did the 50,000 volts say to the spine! ZAP:

Even the judge was impressed at the arraignment Wednesday morning, via Quinlan Bentley at

Before William Hendon was shocked by a Taser and arrested by Cincinnati police while on the field at Great American Ball Park during a Cincinnati Reds game Tuesday night, he did a backflip.

“Everybody thinks you landed that backflip,” Municipal Court Judge William Mallory said during Hendon’s arraignment Wednesday morning.

“I’m pretty sure I did,” said Hendon, who appeared in court still wearing a Reds jersey.

Cincinnati legend. Free Skyline Chili for life. Release the bodycam footage!

Obviously, a Phillies fan showed everyone how it’s done first:

My favorite part of the video is how he slides on the grass like he’s on a slip-n-slide. That’s not normal when you get shocked with 50,000 volts. Now we have proof. We just saw what happens to a person when their body has more electric current running through it than a PECO Power Play. But when you’re 13 Miller Lite tallboys deep up in the 400s you don’t feel pain.

I think this guy has to come back and reclaim his throne. The Phillies should let him do it too. Instead of a ceremonial first pitch they can do the ceremonial first streak.

P.S. Kind of bullshit this centerfielder didn’t give him a dap if we’re being honest: