Michael Scotto over at HoopsHype.com mentioned this Paul George nugget in his 2024 Mock Draft column:

Despite a recent report that Philadelphia’s interest in Paul George has cooled amid uncertainty about whether he’d go across the country and sign with Philadelphia in free agency, there remains significant interest from the 76ers in signing him as a free agent, league sources told HoopsHype.

Should the Sixers whiff on George, trying to trade for Jimmy Butler or sign OG Anunoby to a short-term, higher market average annual salary free agent deal are also options.

There’s a lot of different reports connecting Paul George and the Sixers in a lot of different ways. Shams tweeted the Sixers interest in PG was waning, which feels like an agent driven move trying to drive up interest and the dollar amount.  There was a report that George would opt-in and the Clippers would look for a sign and trade. If he does do that, which he has until Saturday to decide, according to Keith Pompey at the Inky the Sixers might be able to acquire him with only the #16 pick and Tobias Harris:

One option for George is a sign-and-trade with the Clippers to a destination he desires. Los Angeles, which doesn’t have a first-round pick, would most likely ask for one in a package deal.

The Sixers could include the No. 16 pick and consider even adding Tobias Harris via a sign-and-trade as part of a package. L.A. has some level of interest in Harris, a soon-to-be free agent and former Clipper, according to a league source. And if George opts to become a free agent, don’t rule out Philly going after him.

This would be the most ideal situation in my opinion.

A week ago I thought there was no chance it would be Paul George, but what am I kidding it’s going to be 35 year old Paul George on a one year option or max deal. It has to be Paul George because it can’t be anyone else. The franchise is addicted to the star player who wilt in the playoffs. Back up the BRINKS truck for another one. I look forward to the one game in the second round where PG goes off for 35/8/12 and they trick you into thinking this is the year before ripping your heart out and stomping all over it again. I’ve watched this movie before and the ending is always the same. At least we have the Phillies, Eagles, and Matvei Michkov to keep us busy.