Here’s a quick summary I pieced together from social media. Jack Fritz said on the radio that Phillies fans wouldn’t cheer for Rhys Hoskins if he hits a home run on the night of his return. I think he even mentioned quitting the afternoon show if that happens. Well, Rhys hits a home run the first night back and the fans cheer. The next day I think WIP does a whole fugazi resignation then lets Jack come back, but he has to do a punishment first. This is what they came up with and had the listeners vote:

People should really be upset with how corny these bits were. Was the sybian already being rented?

The Phillies chant option wins and if you know Fritz you know he HATES Eagles chants at Phillies games. Sends him into a blind rage:

Wednesday was apparently pay day:

There it is. A goofy radio bit that was over in a couple minutes. No harm no foul, right?

Don’t tell that to people online and even some in the local sports media:

I don’t know if they teach sarcasm at whatever Big J school Meltz went to, but if they did he must’ve been out sick that day. Because the sarcasm between LA and Franzke was laid on thick when they were talking about it on the broadcast:

Some more responses:

Ah, the Philadelphia sports echo chamber. Where small deals magnify into big deals and you catch yourself thinking people can’t be this dumb right? Like no one can get this bent out of shape about a silly chant of the most popular and most recently successful team from the same city correct? Then you see that people absolutely can and you realize the meteor can’t come soon enough.

Now if you want to be mad at Fritz be mad that almost immediately after he finished his last Eagles chant the game started to go down hill for the Phillies. Which ironically strengthens Fritz’s argument that Eagles chants at games are dumb and potentially harmful. So in the end this was a win-win for him.

I think the only solution is Phillies fans need to develop their own chant like these good ol’ boys down on the job site did:

That’s great! Adopt it. Study it. Shout it. Because the Eagles chants aren’t going anywhere. This will always be an Eagles town first. It’s the perfect chant. You can spell it sober and you can spell it blackout drunk. Dumb or smart. It’s a battle cry for when you’re in enemy territory to announce your presence. We use “Go Birds” like Hawaiians use, “Aloha”. It can be hi or bye. And you know what? Phillies chants happen other places despite what Phillies fans think: