These MD Motivator videos never miss:


“My dream is to play in MLB 🥹❤️” @MLB @MLBeurope #londonseries #mlb #money #kindness #baseball #london #surprise #diabetes #happy

♬ original sound – Zachery Dereniowski

What a video. The British accent ups the cuteness level by a billion. Hopefully the Phils can get Mason and his parents across the pond for a game this year so he can experience Red October.


Diabetes doesn’t get the play like some pediatric diseases do, but if you’ve been effected by it personally you know it  suckkkkkkkkkkks for kids. It’s a bitch. Especially when you’re a kid. Having to monitor your blood sugar and glucose levels when you just want to go play wiffle ball with your boys while getting stuck with needles multiple times a day is the worst. It really interferes with you being a kid. So shout out to Mason. Sorry if I made you cry this early at your desk.

New meme just dropped. If you need me I’ll be in my apartment saying, “Ello Trea Turner” the rest of the day:


P.S. You can’t tell me Paco isn’t actually Whit Merrifield. I quadruple-taked when I saw this: