Big Dom can spit in Dre Greenlaw’s face now if he wants to and the NFL can’t do anything about it. The Eagles are skirting the NFL’s rules about non-personnel that penalized Big Dom last year by naming him in charge of “gameday coaching operations” via Jeff McLane at the Inky:

The Eagles have added yet another title to Dom DiSandro’s job description, placing him in charge of “gameday coaching operations,” NFL sources told The Inquirer.

DiSandro, already senior advisor to the general manager and chief security officer, now has responsibilities that involve him overseeing Nick Sirianni’s coaches on game days, a source said.

The change in DiSandro’s title and game day duties was likely meant to prevent the league from being able to discipline him should there be another episode on the sideline with his involvement.


What a move from the Eagles. This is Howie Roseman thinking outside the box again. People forget the Eagles were 10-1 before Big Dom was removed from the sidelines. Give Dom some dumb title like assistant to the regional manager and now the NFL is helpless when it comes to sideline altercations. He can break up fights without worrying about being moved to the suites. Which is exactly what his job was and everyone with half a brain knew that. He was there to protect the coaches and players. The entire Dre Greenlaw thing was blown out of proportion.

Especially from Kyle Shanahan who walked back his postgame comments days later:

And it’s not like the rule is clearly enforceable either. Here is a 49ers coach getting in the middle of the Seahawks and 49ers players a couple weeks after the league sent a memo out saying non-personnel members are not supposed to get involved with altercations on the field. This is clearly the uniform of a strength and conditioning coach getting in the middle: