Something about that game has left a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t typically hang on every pitch in a 162 game season, but losing to the Mets on national TV in London the way the bullpen imploded against an inferior opponent annoys me. But they’re still 16.5 games behind and we’re in the drivers seat so who cares. We now focus our attention to the Mets fans who are upset with Garrett Stubbs’ slide at the end of the game:

Pretty bang bang play if we’re being honest. I don’t think this is dirty at all.

He made a “bona fide slide” and didn’t break the Buster Posey rule:

“By rule, the baserunner is not allowed to deviate from his direct path to initiate contact with the catcher (or any player covering the plate). Runners are considered to be in violation of this rule if they collide with the catcher in cases where a slide could have been used to avoid the collision. If the umpire determines that the runner violated this rule, the runner shall be ruled out and the ball is dead. The other runners must return to the last base they had touched at the time of the collision.”

If this play is at second it’s a complete nothingburger. It just looks funky when a catcher is involved because people aren’t used to seeing it. Don’t tell that to whiny Mets fans though:

Public Enemy #1: Garrett Fucking Stubbs! Move over Chase Utley!


WAHHHHHHHHH! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Shut the fuck up you crybabies.

Jesus Christ this fanbase hates hard-nosed baseball. Despises it. Maybe that’s why they’ve consistently fielded some of the softest teams in the history of baseball over the last couple of years. Their are leftovers still from that team that won 101 games. How’d they come out the next year? Sold at the deadline. Good to see their fanbase replicates their team’s demeanor.

“This will not be forgotten!”  Yea because it’s going to be the highlight of your season. This wasn’t even the London Series this was their World Series. Mets fans puked on themselves in the first seven innings because of the on-field product:

They’ve got fan clubs in Belgium for a .230 hitter:

They’re even trying to make up lies about Francisco Lindor screaming at Phillies players in the dugout for the slide. Where?

What a leader!

Anything to talk themselves into that contract. This is the same guy whining about the time off after yesterday’s game:

What does Lindor remember about All-Star game festivities ? He hasn’t sniffed one since 2019.

The Mets beats even gave Torrens all the opportunity in the world to criticize Stubbs after the game. He either took the high road or understands baseball is played hard unlike their fans:



Hey, Mets! Boo!


Sidenote: ESPN should’ve tagged out Michael Kay and replaced him with this bloke after he got his third name wrong of the day: