You’ve probably seen this video a million times, but another watch won’t hurt ya:

The Phillies turned the first triple play of the 2024 MLB season Monday night. There are only 736 in MLB history and the Phillies have been apart of 68 of them. Here are some other fun facts.

Its the first 1-3-5 triple play since 1929. The last one happened in Detroit as well:

On that day the Red Sox won 15-8. Bill Bayne beat Lil Stoner in front of 6,000 people at Navin Field. A century later there might’ve been 6,000 people watching the game last night at Comerica Park.

It’s the Phillies first triple play since 2017 when Rhys Hoskins, playing left field, went 7-4-3:

Nick Pivetta threw 104 pitches in that game. In only FIVE INNINGS. The last time the Tigers were apart of one was in 2017 as well.

This might be my favorite tidbit from the triple play:

Smoke em if you got em.

It was no Eric Bruntlett four unassisted, but it was awesome and the home plate umpire last night was there to witness that too: