ESPN reportedly offered Stephen A. Smith Bryce Huff money, but he wants DeVonta Smith money:

The story is behind a paywall, but Sportico says: According to @Ourand_Puck, Stephen A. Smith has been offered a $18 million-per-year contract with ESPN for the next 5 years. Smith wants $25 million a year.”

There are good NBA players who don’t get $18 million AAV over five years. And five years at $25 million makes Stephen A. Jaden McDaniels. They would be on the same AAV and contract length, only one starts for the Minnesota Timberwolves and the other yells into a TV camera.

What’s crazy is that this might not be a ridiculous ask. Stephen A. is the biggest talent in sports media in 2024. Whatever they pay him, they’re getting their money’s worth. What’s the alternative anyway, losing him to Fox? Imagine if Stephen A. jumps ship to reunite with Skip Bayless? ESPN would never live that down. They have to pay the man. There’s no other option. Who are you gonna replace him with? Greeny? Dan Orlovsky? Big Perk? Monica McNutt? Mad Dog Russo? Stephen A. is ESPN in 2024.