This made me laugh. BBC Sport shared the MLB Europe video of West Ham’s stadium transformation for the Phillies/Mets game:

Some of the comments from the locals are wonderful.

A sampling:

  • Americans, complaining how “soccer” is a slow sport, with teams only scoring 1 or 2 points a game, then go and sit for 8 hours and watch baseball, where nothing happens.
  • Finally found a purpose for that stadium!
  • The worst stadium in England to Watch football can adapt to host the worst game from America. Probably makes sense.
  • One of the most boring things ever baseball
  • Do people go and watch this?
  • That’s a lot of work for a game of rounders
  • I’ll give that a miss, watched the Yankee’s in New York and have got to say baseball is the most boring game I have ever watched.
  • A lot of hassle for a game of rounders
  • There isn’t a worse sport than baseball.
  • The worst American sport
  • went to a game in new york, that probably is the most boring sport in the world.
  • Rounders for fat Americans
  • What’s the fucking point?
  • Stop bringing shit American sports over here!!!
  • About 6 people in the entirety of Europe watch baseball lmao
  • Sick of this yank shite over here. Won’t be long before the greedy corrupt premier league are playing games over there.
  • The Mets set to be the worst side to ever play at London Stadium.

That last one got me good. The Mets may indeed be the worst side to ever play at London Stadium. There was a lot of West Ham slander in there, too. They rent the stadium, so it would appear as though there are a lot of rival fans in the comments taking digs at their local neighbors. And “rounders” is like baseball, a one-handed bat and ball game on a shorter field.

We normally wouldn’t put too much stock in what @EWANCUNT says on social media, but it does make you wonder how many people are interested in baseball over there. London is a huge place, 9 million blokes, plus another 55 million in the rest of the UK. Premier League is obviously king, so most people probably can’t tell you who has the best ERA in Major League Baseball, but they can tell you where they were when Arsenal bottled the league again. Best season ever, with 0 trophies. Give Mikel Arteta a contract extension. And the daft twat who called baseball “rounders for fat Americans” was probably stuffing his face with meat pies at halftime of another nil-nil in which Chelsea was level with Brentford before going on to lose at home. Don’t worry about “Yank shite” and focus on winning the league. We’re sick of watching Manchester City lift the trophy. Get your shite together and take the trophy back from the Mancs. All of London should be embarrassed.

“Chelsea, Chelsea, wherever you may be, Don’t leave your wife with John Terry! His dad deals coke, His mum steals tea! He cried when he missed a penalty…”