Archbishop Carroll girls’ lacrosse is a fucking wagon:

This is the fourth-straight state title for the girl’s lacrosse team. They’ve defeated Twin Valley three times in a row in the 2A finals, so we’re starting to feel like Carroll is the Golden State Warriors and Twin Valley is LeBron’s Cavs, but without LeBron.

What might be more impressive is that Carroll has won 23 PCL championships in a row. 23! That’s according to a reader who emailed me last week. Just to confirm, I went back and looked through the available data on the PCL website, which only goes back to 2017. This year Carroll was 9-0, last year they were 8-0, in 2022 they were 8-0 again, and went 10-0 in 2021. I went as far back as the data is logged and couldn’t find a single conference loss in there. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? <Tom McGinnis voice>

I finally struck gold when stumbling upon an article from a guy named Josh Abrams at

“For the 23rd consecutive season, the Archbishop Carroll Patriots took home the PCL championship for girls lacrosse, this time via a 25-2 defeat of Archbishop Wood.

The catalyst behind it all is longtime head coach Lorraine Beers, who took over right at the turn of the 21st century. But we’re coming up on 25 years of such sustained success, which is unheard of. The school graduated eight seniors from last year’s team; it’s marveling how they keep finding ways to win.”

Coach Beers? That makes this even better.

The last time Carroll did not win the PCL title would be 2000 I think, since the pandemic wiped out 2020. So…. that’s Y2K. The streak began at the same time Nintendo announced the Game Cube, which was also the year Eminem released The Marshall Mathers LP. We had only just learned what a hanging chad was.

Congrats to the girls. Hell of a run.