The Sixers and Commies are scheming with each other to figure out what the plan will be on the second night of the NBA draft via Jake Fischer at Yahoo! Sports. Apparently regular collaboration is normal for Harris/Blitzer led teams. So all of those picks that didn’t pan out in the lottery or beyond during The Process can be blamed on Devils and Crystal Palace management now:

The introduction of an additional day has also prompted various NBA teams to confer with NFL personnel, league sources told Yahoo Sports, to glean any possible insight into how to handle an overnight and early-morning window between rounds. The NFL Draft takes place over three days now. “Is there any gamesmanship we’re not aware of?” one NBA official who spoke with an NFL team asked.

An NFC executive who spoke with three NBA teams tried to enlighten each.

“I’ll be honest,” the executive told Yahoo Sports. “I’ll be surprised if any team didn’t [consult the NFL].”

The Philadelphia 76ers are owned by a managing group spearheaded by Joshua Harris, who’s also led a recent acquisition of the Washington Commanders. All teams under the Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment umbrella regularly collaborate, and the Sixers and Commanders held a meeting about how to approach the second night of this year’s NBA Draft, according to one source with knowledge of those discussions. Philadelphia is slated to pick at No. 41 on Thursday night.

Before you freak out it looks like other teams have the same approach:

Multiple teams in the first five picks of the NBA’s second round also consulted with NFL personnel about how to best maximize those trade opportunities, sources said.

Maybe the NFL has a better trade formula than NBA teams do? I don’t know why that’s the case because I feel like the NBA salary cap with trade exceptions, kickers, and first and second floors is way harder to understand than the NFL salary cap. But I guess now that it’s a two day event trade formulas somehow change in a way they didn’t when the NBA Draft was one night.

So this collab means the guy that called Howie a “pain in the ass” on draft day was on the call consulting with the Sixers:

I can’t tell if this is good or bad. I think it’s good. Because if you can survive a trade with Howie Roseman relatively unscathed you might be able to make it in this league. If the Sixers swap picks for the next Nikola Jokic this guy will be a hero in Philadelphia.