This happened Monday, but I was off most of the day so I didn’t get to comment on it. If you’re unfamiliar with the story, political power player George Norcross, who you probably remember most for getting kicked out of the Linc for hanging an Israeli flag from his suite during an Eagles game, was indicted on racketeering charges by the NJ Attorney General. Rich and powerful guy allegedly using his influence to get tax breaks and extort people for favorable real estate deals? Yawn. That’s not enough juice to even get me up off the couch. But Norcross showing up to his own indictment press conference and sitting in the chair closest to the guy whose sole mission it is to put him behind bars? Now you’ve got my attention! An AG staffer even tried to move him and he wouldn’t budge. Beat it, toots. George has an indictment to hear:

And you know what? I ride with Norcross! This is how everyone should do it! You’re going to bring charges against me, motherfucker? I’m going to stare daggers through you while you do it.

Look at the AG reading the indictment. He wants nothing to do with the Boogeyman two feet to his left. This guy has probably put the worst of the worst criminals away and he’s too scared to break eye contact with whatever he’s focused on in the back of the room. He knows that if he peeks once the trial is already over:


Do you know how much of a gangster you have to be to show up in alligator slip-ons with no socks and spook someone?

And what did Norcross do after? Oh just have his boys build an entire stage in the lobby so he could give his rebuttal live right there:

Calling out the AG to go to trial in two weeks like he’s the #1 contender for a title shot:

I love it! I love this entire fucking case and it’s only Day 1! Free Norcross (unless he did some really really bad shit)

“Say Cheese!” Lol: