I can’t wait to hate the Nova Knicks more than I already do:

This is ridiculous. It was bad enough watching these guys dominate Temple. Now I have to watch them dominate the East together. Why’d it have to be Mikal Bridges? The only one I liked. WHO COULD BE ON THE SIXERS!

There has to be some sort of tampering charge the league can levy against the Knicks somehow. Look at this:

They did a forensic investigation throughout the Sixers organization for guys like PJ Tucker and Danuel House when Mikal Bridges was publicly cheating on the Nets with these guys:


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How is forcing your trade and handcuffing your team because you want to play with your friends not illegal? If I’m ever commissioner that’s 82 game suspensions for all four of them:

Look at the Main Line arrogance:

“This is crazy lol!”

How could Mikal have ever seen this coming.

I don’t know what’s worse the Knicks being good, Nova fans jumping ship to the Knicks, or Stephen A’s happiness:

The only saving grace if you’re a Sixers fan is the Knicks gave up a shit ton to go all in:

Gotta hope and pray this means they lose both OG Anunoby and Isaiah Hartenstein. Maybe the Sixers make a more competitive offer to Anunoby. Maybe they trade tonight for Brandon Ingram. All I know is the NBA offseason is officially upon us and it’s so much better than the regular season.

I can’t believe we just made Temple Basketball Great Again and they pull this shit: