Different circumstances, but another standing O for Trea Turner at Citizens Bank Park:

Add that clip to the syllabus for the newly-revamped Sports Psychology curriculum at your local college. A curious case study on the Philadelphia sports fan, allegedly the worst on the planet, now welcoming back a previously-injured player with a standing ovation that lasted longer than John Denver’s The Ballad of Spiro Agnew. Mind you, that’s after helping this guy out of a slump by eschewing traditional negative reinforcement and giving the guy a different standing O last season.

Look at the crowd for a Monday night in June:

People misunderstand Philly sports fans and think it’s hard to play here. The formula is actually very simple. You will get unconditional support right off the bat. If you dog it, cut corners, or bitch and moan, you’re going to be booed. When you’re in favor, you’re really in favor, and when you’re out of favor, you’re really out of favor. If it’s too hard in Philadelphia, then go play intramurals brotha, as the great Dan Hawkins once said.